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"Work, work, till we die...."

The phrase, “…. work, work, work till we die ”, which bemoans the futility of life, was the sentiment of C.S. Lewis before his conversion to the Christian faith at the age of 32 years old. This indeed is the undeniable sentiment of many who are atheists or even those who possess some religious beliefs but whose idea of the after world is nebulous and uncertain.  Nevertheless, to maintain some form of sanity in daily living and escape from the fear of death they would live a life of denial, disregarding the conflicted sentiments that their life would eventually end in oblivion against the truth of eternity embedded in their heart, so as to cherish meaning and success in work and in familial life while pursing happiness. The Psalmist, in Psalms 4:9, seems to allude to the joy that earthly gains bring in the form of corn and wine for the wicked in comparison to the gladness that God puts in those who trust in him.  So, like you and me, most people would draw up some form of yearly resolut

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